Solution Of Primesense Sensors SAFE MODE

1. The reasons of SAFE MODE

A. Plug in & out the USB during the working;

B. Working in virtual device;

C. Other reasons.

2. Solutions

1. Install Open NI 2.x in Windows;

2. Connect the SAFE MODE sensor to the system and check Device Manager if it is recognized;

3. Find “Tools” document in C:\Program Files\Open NI2 or C:\Program File(x86)\Open NI2;

4. Run “PS1080Console.exe” in “Tools” and will get as below;

5. Insert “dir” command and press “Enter” and then find “SENSOR_FAULT” file and its number;

6. Insert “delete xxx” command(xxx is the number for example 22) and then press “Enter”. If delete successfully, it will become “Done” as below.

7. Insert exit command to exit the control;

8. Plug in & out the USB 1-2 times, and find Primesense Carmine 1.08x/1.09 in Device Manager;

9. Run Niviewer.exe in Tools check if the sensor is OK.